SMSF Toolbox

I’ve been involved with the SMSF sector since its inception as a financial planner, administrator, technical expert, mentor and trustee. So long, in fact, that whenever I glance at the details of an SMSF I immediately identify a range of potential dangers and opportunities. It’s a habit. Some of these are based on facts and some on the vibe that comes with experience. They can’t be regarded as strategies – more as purposeful insights – because this information alone is not sufficient to make that call. This gave me the idea to create our SMSF Toolbox

By combining significant practical SMSF experience with purpose-built algorithms we now produce over 20 targeted SMSF opportunities for you. Each opportunity has been researched but requires your expertise to determine whether it is appropriate so we also present you with all the available data for you to undertake each analysis.

Why not watch our short video for more details? When you’re ready to discuss fees, including our transfer special offer, and other important issues just contact me, David Busoli at, or phone 0499 778 584. If you’d like to book a preliminary phone call to see if our businesses are a good fit or a Zoom meeting to investsigate our SMSF Toolbox in more detail you can access my calendar here.