Video Transcript

David Busoli

Practice Principal & SMSF Specialist Mentor

Hi, I’m David Busoli. If you’re an SMSF adviser considering your admin outsourcing options, I’d like to explain why we are worthy of your close consideration. It will only take about 3 minutes.

Our approach is quite opposite to the modern trend of industrialising SMSF admin. All SMSFs are not the same and dumbing down the admin approach merely diminishes the potential benefits to your clients and your business. We provide strategic admin, meaning that we meld the SMSF strategies you have devised – with our assistance if you wish – with the documentation, legal, technical processing and reporting requirements necessary for your clients’ goals to be achieved.

Our deep understanding has allowed us to create a service that is available nowhere else. Our unique SMSF Toolbox analyses your funds’ data and produces a targeted menu of potential opportunities and alerts for you to consider. These purposeful insights are updated in real time and significantly increase your SMSF service capabilities, efficiencies and compliance.

Our strategic admin service encompasses every aspect of the fund from set up to wind up. We understand the nuances and differences that small variations in documentation or approach can make but such a service is only possible if experienced SMSF accountants have involved access to high level technical expertise. Small administrators and accountants generally lack the skill to provide this as a free service. Large organisations can afford significant tech teams but usually aren’t capable of melding this expertise with their admin teams because their bureaucracy invariably hampers effective communication. We’ll never sacrifice service quality for growth, neither will we seek to cut costs by hiring inexperienced staff or outsourcing Aussie jobs offshore.

Our on-time lodgement record consistently nudges 100%. We’re not licensed as we need you, the adviser, to be assured that we will never be in competition with you. If any of your clients contact us, we refer them back to you. We also refer all new direct client inquiry back to our alliance partners as ours is a wholesale service. We do not deal with direct clients. Our logo states “More than just SMSFs” as we also offer investment admin, personal tax and accounting support for any entity.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an enduring passion for SMSFs and the depth of experience in all facets of this sector that’s difficult to match. Our unique SMSF Toolbox embodies this experience whilst our delivery reflects my strong service culture and personal commitment to excellence.

Well, that’s enough from me. If you’re interested I’d certainly value the opportunity to discuss our offerings with you in detail. You can ring me on 0499 778 584 or e-mail me at I hope to hear from you. Cheers.