If you are an adviser or accountant seeking an independent, specialist SMSF service provider as committed to enhancing your reputation as you are, then look no further. Based in Brisbane, but with a national client base, SMSF Alliance offers timely, accurate and efficient service. The combination of our technical and administrative capabilities allows us to deal with even the most complex fund strategies. In addition, our unique SMSF Toolbox is a significant aid to your SMSF service service proposition.

We are a wholesale-only service focusing on strategic SMSF administration – because every fund is unique. The modern trend to “industrialise” SMSF administration is based on the incorrect belief that all SMSFs are the same. We meld the SMSF strategies you have devised for your clients, potentially with our help, with the documentation, technical, processing and reporting requirements necessary for your SMSF goals to be achieved. We understand the consequences of our work and the differences that small variations in approach can make.

Our SMSF Toolbox is an industry first. We created it to assist you, the adviser, to add value to your clients and, consequently, to your business. The facility analyses each SMSF and produces a list of purposeful insights focusing on over 20 potential opportunities and alerts. Each opportunity is presented to you, accompanied by the data you will need, to investigate it further. You then decide on whether it is worthy of a recommendation.

Our team is personally committed to your business success. Our understanding of both the strategic and human aspects of SMSFs will benefit your clients and, therefore, your business. We stay at the forefront of all the latest SMSF changes and trends. We provide the level of strategic administration you require for your clients to not only remain compliant, with all documentation lodged on time and accurately, but also to benefit from the many additional, but often ignored, finer SMSF features.

Our services are provided on a business to business basis only. As a financial planner it is important for you to know that we are not licensed to provide direct client advice and will never be in competition with you. We will, however, refer direct client inquiries to you. Our comprehensive tax services also allow you to protect your client base as we are capable of providing general tax services as a one-stop-shop if you wish.

Incorporated in 2010, we are large enough to provide advanced SMSF resources but small enough to maintain a personal approach. We are a specialist, boutique firm and will stay that way to ensure that our service standards do not diminish.  Our team members are all well trained and dedicated to enhancing your business success. Our fee structure ranks with the most competitive in the business.

Your interest is timely as we have just released our new portal so, to celebrate this milestone, we have a special offer for you to offer your clients. Why not have a look and give me a ring to discuss what we can do for you.  David Busoli – 0499 778 584

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Unsurpassed technical expertise in
SMSFs of all shapes and sizes

Capable of handling the most challenging SMSFs

Our competitive advantage.

For Advisers

Our advantages include our on-time lodgement record, our expertise, our experience and our dedication to achieving the best results for you, our client.

Individualised strategic administration

Unique planning opportunity identifier

Range of custom calculators

Fully customisable Investment Strategy tools

Bulk pension and contribution reporting

Compliance alerts

General accounting services

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Our Solutions.

SMSF Alliance provides a wide range of services to SMSF businesses around Australia. Our solutions include a complete SMSF administration and compliance solution, with the right business tools designed to help you service your clients more accurately, efficiently, timely and cost-effectively. We are on-time, on-line and onshore.

Identifying Planning Opportunities

On a daily basis, we analyse each member’s data, as well as that for each fund generally, and produce a number of qualified potential opportunities for advisers to consider. Also provided is the relevant supporting evidence, white papers and calculators where necessary. This is provided by our unique SMSF Toolbox.

Identifying Compliance & Legislative Risks

On a daily basis, we analyse each member’s data, as well as that for each fund generally, and produce a number of warnings and alerts for advisers to consider. These are designed to protect you from errors of omission and to reduce your compliance risk. This is provided by our unique SMSF Toolbox.

Daily Administration

We strive to maintain current data by processing daily. We don’t always have the information we need to achieve this, so we may ask you for assistance, after exhausting all other avenues first. We will not contact your clients directly without your express permission. The artificial intelligence systems we apply to our data greatly enhances our capabilities.

Accurate, efficient, timely & cost-effective services for your SMSF clients. On-time, on-line and onshore.

Our Ethos.

Providing superior SMSF services

An independent SMSF service provider directly supporting advisers and accountants. We are dedicated to providing a strategic administration service of excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Team.

We are in the people business

When you partner with our expert team you can depend on us to enhance your client relationships. We are committed to you and your business. You can count on us for technical and strategic matters.

Our Commitment.

Enhancing your client relationships

Our focus is, and always has been, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and the relationships you have with your clients. We go above and beyond to support you in all aspects of your clients’ SMSFs.

What our clients say

Have used the service for 5 years

SMSF Alliance allows me to spend more time with clients, building strategies and planning for the future, and less time handling the day-to-day affairs of administering an SMSF. After using their service for the past 5 financial years I can thoroughly recommend SMSF Alliance. The team are highly skilled and have advanced technical knowledge making it easier to see potential problems before they arise, or even correct issues within the funds of new clients. Almost every one of my SMSF clients have made the switch to SMSF Alliance and we haven’t looked back.

John - Financial Planner - Melbourne

This is where I'll be staying

I tried a few SMSF administration services before SMSF Alliance but had the same problems each time. Late lodged funds, frequent staff changes, continual queries for things I had already provided and a lack of understanding of what was important to my business. The investment strategy tool has also been very useful as have some of the others. I have been using SMSF Alliance for 4 years now and this is where I’ll be staying.

Tracey - Financial Planner - Brisbane

My clients remain my clients

I came to SMSF Alliance after my previous administrator got their own license and tried to poach my clients. I like SMSF Alliance’s commitment that I am their client and that each of my clients continue to deal only through me. I made the switch two years ago and have been impressed by the professionalism and service I’ve experienced. Their technical backup and assistance has also been great.

Chris - Financial Planner - Sydney

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