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SMSF Administration solutions for Strategic Advisers.


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UK Pension Expertise



SMSFs vs Large APRA Funds


Transform complexity into opportunity

Our SMSF Enhancement Tools are designed to add efficiency and value to even your most sophisticated or complex SMSF client.

Future-proof your SMSF strategy

Elevate your SMSF strategy with our purpose-built algorithms that produce over 20 targeted SMSF opportunities for your client.

Technical expertise you can trust

As well as 24/7 online administration and compliance, SMSF Alliance provides an exceptional level of technical expertise you can rely on.

Empowering Advisers. Elevating SMSF Excellence.

For advisers or accountants in need of an independent, specialised SMSF service provider dedicated to enhancing your reputation, your search stops here. Operating from Brisbane, but serving clients nationwide, SMSF Alliance delivers prompt, precise, and efficient services. Our extensive technical expertise and administrative capabilities enable us to accommodate the most advanced fund strategies.

We are a business to business service focusing on strategic SMSF administration – because every fund is unique. The trend to “industrialise” SMSF administration is based on the incorrect belief that all SMSFs are the same. We meld the SMSF strategies you have devised for your clients, potentially with our help, with the documentation, technical, processing and reporting requirements necessary for your SMSF goals to be achieved. We understand the consequences of our work and the differences that small variations in approach can make. Our approach is different to other administration providers as we are continually developing innovative solutions such as our communication portal Link option and our Investment Strategy document tool which is simply the best of its kind.

If you are a trustee, please ask your financial adviser to contact us so we can discuss how our involvement may enhance your SMSF experience. If you do not have a financial adviser please contact us at info@smsfalliance.com.au. We will discuss your needs with you and refer you to an adviser for your consideration.

Learn more about our B2B SMSF Administration Service

SMSF Solutions for Advisers

All the tools you need to build trust with clients, and retain them.

With our SMSF Enhancement Tools, you can streamline, optimise, and enhance your SMSF success.

Strategic Administration

From fund establishment to tax return lodgement, we understand the most complex SMSF strategies and their particular administrative requirements.

Purpose Built Portal

Communication is vital to the administration process. Our sophisticated communication portal, including links to our other value adding services, is a game changer.

Technical Support

High level technical support and mentoring to Alliance Partners is enhanced by age based alerts and our quick response strategy-check phone service.

Daily Processing

We process daily. Where we don’t have the information we need to achieve this, and need your assistance, we prioritise the processing of the information you provide.

Innovative tools and processes designed to set industry standards.

Age Based Alerts

You receive a comprehensive review of the legal ramifications of each member’s coming birthday, including opportunities and dangers.

Investment Strategy Documentation Tool

Fully customisable, bespoke documents including life insurance, borrowing, derivatives, collectables, cryptocurrency and more can be created in under 10 minutes.

UK Pension Funds

AS HMRC approved Scheme Administrators, we have significant experience in establishing and administering UK Pension funds, including ongoing HMRC reporting.

SMSF V APRA Suitability/ Sustainability Analysis

You can generate a bespoke analysis of the comparative features, including fees, to help satisfy both your best interest duties and dealer group obligations.

Simplify your workload with our qualified planning checks and identify new opportunities.

Planning Opportunities

Our data-driven analysis produces a variety of qualified planning opportunities daily. Each opportunity is supported by relevant evidence, white papers, and calculators, providing you with the tools you need to serve your clients best.

Planning Checks

We assist you with your ongoing compliance requirements by identifying trustee, deed, death benefit nomination, investment strategy and transfer balance account issues for you to consider.

Your personal invitation

If you’re considering upgrading your SMSF service provider, we invite you to book an introductory call to determine if we are a good fit.

It’ll take no more than 15 minutes for you to understand our value proposition. If you’d like a more in-depth tour of our unique value proposition, via Zoom, that’ll take about 30 minutes.

Why work with us

Our services are provided on a business to business basis only.

As a financial planner it is important for you to know that we are not licensed to provide direct client advice and will never be in competition with you. Rest assured, we never deal with your clients directly without your explicit permission. Any direct inquiries are promptly channeled back to you. Our goal is to support your growth and enhance your business without interfering with your client relationships.

Our comprehensive tax services also allow you to protect your client base as we are capable of providing general tax services as a one-stop-shop if you wish.

Our advisers choose us and our tools because they know they are the best in the business.

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