Optimise Your SMSF Services

If you are an adviser or accountant seeking an independent, specialist SMSF service provider as committed to enhancing your reputation as you are, then look no further. Based in Brisbane, but with a national client base, SMSF Alliance offers timely, accurate and efficient service. The combination of our technical and administrative capabilities allows us to deal with even the most complex fund strategies. Our unique SMSF Toolbox is a significant aid to your SMSF service proposition. In addition, you can take advantage of our current SMSF Limited Time Fee Offer which encourages existing funds to transfer to our service prior to 30 June 2022.

We are a wholesale-only service focusing on strategic SMSF administration – because every fund is unique. The modern trend to “industrialise” SMSF administration is based on the incorrect belief that all SMSFs are the same. We meld the SMSF strategies you have devised for your clients, potentially with our help, with the documentation, technical, processing and reporting requirements necessary for your SMSF goals to be achieved. We understand the consequences of our work and the differences that small variations in approach can make. Our approach is different to other administration providers as we are continually developing innovative solutions such as our Link option and our Investment Strategy document tool which is simply the best of it’s kind.

If you have been affected by the recent closure of BT’s Panorama SMSF service click here.

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Unsurpassed technical expertise in SMSFs of all shapes and sizes

As well as 24/7 online administration and compliance, SMSF Alliance provides an exceptional level of technical expertise to our alliance partners, at no additional cost, when part of our ongoing service. The benefit of this service is to both prevent and overcome compliance breaches. We believe strongly in prevention over rectification.
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Our Solutions

SMSF Alliance provides a wide range of services to SMSF businesses around Australia. Our solutions include a complete SMSF administration and compliance solution, with the right business tools designed to help you service your clients more accurately, efficiently, timely and cost-effectively.

Identifying Planning Opportunities

On a daily basis, we analyse each member’s data, as well as that for each fund generally, and produce a number of qualified potential opportunities for advisers to consider.

Daily Administration

We strive to maintain current data by processing daily. We don’t always have the information we need to achieve this, so we may ask you for assistance, after exhausting all other avenues first.

Investment Strategy Tool

With restricted access to Alliance Partners, it creates fully customisable documents in Microsoft Word.

Pension Administration

We provide daily pension payment updates so you have the information you need to ensure pension minimums are met and that excess payments are applied.

Contribution Administration

As well as ongoing comparisons of contributions against the limits we also assist in maximizing eligibility by suggesting ways to manage a member’s total super balance via our SMSF Toolbox.


We have significant experience in establishing and administering QROPS funds. Our established relationship with officers of HMRC allows us to establish approved funds within days.

What our clients say

I’m very impressed by the portal

I’m very impressed by the portal. The main problem I have had with other administrators is the repeated requests for the same documents. The portal’s unmatched transaction feature is a game changer for us.

Peter - Financial Planner

High level of technical expertise

My high net worth clients often explore interesting alternative strategies that require a high level of technical expertise. I am surprised by the speed with which SMSF Alliance answers my queries – often within minutes.

Bronwyn - Financial Planner

It’s saved me a lot of time.

The ongoing pension and contribution information I get from the Toolbox is great. That, and the automatic processing of pensions over the minimum has been very helpful. It’s saved me a lot of time.

Liam - Financial Planner

Have used the service for 5 years

SMSF Alliance allows me to spend more time with clients, building strategies and planning for the future, and less time handling the day-to-day affairs of administering an SMSF. After using their service for the past 5 financial years I can thoroughly recommend SMSF Alliance. The team are highly skilled and have advanced technical knowledge making it easier to see potential problems before they arise, or even correct issues within the funds of new clients. Almost every one of my SMSF clients have made the switch to SMSF Alliance and we haven’t looked back.

John - Financial Planner - Melbourne

This is where I'll be staying

I tried a few SMSF administration services before SMSF Alliance but had the same problems each time. Late lodged funds, frequent staff changes, continual queries for things I had already provided and a lack of understanding of what was important to my business. The investment strategy tool has also been very useful as have some of the others. I have been using SMSF Alliance for 4 years now and this is where I’ll be staying.

Tracey - Financial Planner - Brisbane

My clients remain my clients

I came to SMSF Alliance after my previous administrator got their own license and tried to poach my clients. I like SMSF Alliance’s commitment that I am their client and that each of my clients continue to deal only through me. I made the switch two years ago and have been impressed by the professionalism and service I’ve experienced. Their technical backup and assistance has also been great.

Chris - Financial Planner - Sydney