Our Solutions

SMSF Alliance provides a wide range of services to SMSF businesses around Australia. Our solutions include a complete SMSF administration and compliance solution, with the right business tools designed to help you service your clients more accurately, efficiently, timely and cost-effectively. (Check out our Special SMSF Fee Offer expiring 30 June 2022)

Identifying Planning Opportunities

On a daily basis, we analyse each member’s data, as well as that for each fund generally, and produce a number of qualified potential opportunities for advisers to consider. Also provided is the relevant supporting evidence, white papers and calculators where necessary. This is provided by our unique SMSF Toolbox.

Strategic Administration

We understand the most complex strategies and the vital importance of dealing with their particular administrative requirements.

Contribution Administration

As well as ongoing comparisons of contributions against the limits we also assist in maximizing eligibility by suggesting ways to manage a member’s total super balance via our SMSF Toolbox.

Tax & Accounting

Via our associated accountant panel, we offer general accounting and taxation services, but only to SMSF members and their associates. If you are an adviser, you may find our general accounting service useful as a safeguard for your client base as we will never be in competition with you.


We have significant experience in establishing and administering QROPS funds. Our established relationship with officers of HMRC allows us to establish approved funds within days. We also offer ongoing HMRC administration and reporting as required.

Technical Support

Free, prompt, high level technical support to our Alliance Partners.

Daily Administration

We process daily. We don’t always have the information we need to achieve this, so we may ask you for assistance, after exhausting all other avenues first.

Pension Administration

We provide daily pension payment updates so you have the information you need to ensure pension minimums are met and that excess payments are applied in the most advantageous way to each transfer balance account. Our TBAR reporting is monthly.

Investment Strategy Documentation Tool

Fully customisable, bespoke documents, based on the Fund’s SOA, can be created in under 10 minutes including life insurance, borrowing, lack of diversification, reserves, derivatives, collectables, cryptocurrency, bullion, private loans, private companies/ trusts and more. This tool is simply the best available.

Online Fund Reports

We provide secure web access to a variety of reports that allow both our alliance partners and their clients to take a proactive, value added approach to fund activities. As an adviser, you may badge these reports to provide your clients with direct web access from your website.

Unusual Calculators

Our future service benefit deduction, untaxed element analysis and modified lump tax calculators are generally unavailable anywhere else.

Reducing Your Workload

Our unique, optional 3 way communication portal lets your clients help you to help them.

Our competitive advantage

Our SMSF Toolbox is an industry first. We created it to assist you, the adviser, to add value to your clients and, consequently, to your business. The facility analyses each SMSF and produces a list of purposeful insights focusing on over 20 potential opportunities and alerts. Each opportunity is presented to you, accompanied by the data you will need, to investigate it further. You then decide on whether it is worthy of a recommendation.

Our advantages include our on-time lodgement record, our expertise, our experience and our dedication to achieving the best results for you, our client.

Individualised strategic administration

Unique planning opportunity identifier

Range of custom calculators

Fully customisable Investment Strategy tools

Bulk pension and contribution reporting

Compliance alerts

General accounting services

Why partner with SMSF Alliance?

Do you need help to provide your SMSF clients with the level of service they deserve?

We provide advisers and accountants with full SMSF administration, technical support and expertise so you can better support your clients. We are not licensed to provide product advice but will assist you to provide your services in a more timely and comprehensive manner. Our strategic administration overlay ensures that your strategies do not fail due to administrative shortcomings, our SMSF Toolbox presents you with targeted risks and opportunities, you may have otherwise missed, whilst our processes are designed to lower the amount of effort required of you.

To most, SMSFs are simply a tax efficient means of accumulating, and utilising, wealth. Undoubtedly this is a major purpose but for an adviser to ignore their many other features is both sub-optimal and dangerous. The modern trend to “industrialise” SMSF administration is based on the incorrect belief that all SMSFs are the same. This approach both diminishes their potential benefits and increases the potential for future problems both to your clients and, reputationally, to your business.

Strategic administration is only possible if experienced SMSF accountants have involved access to high level technical expertise. Our comprehensive SMSF administration solution is completely independent. We are here so you can add efficiency and value to even your most sophisticated SMSF client. We are not licensed so have no conflicting interest. We do not deal with your clients directly without your express permission. Any direct enquiry is channelled back to you. Becoming an SMSF Alliance Partner will ensure that you have the full support of our highly experience team and be able to receive our expert help to grow your business.

Unsurpassed technical expertise in SMSFs of all shapes and sizes

As well as 24/7 online administration and compliance, SMSF Alliance provides an exceptional level of technical expertise to our alliance partners, at no additional cost, when part of our ongoing service. The benefit of this service is to both prevent and overcome compliance breaches. We believe strongly in prevention over rectification.
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