Investment Strategy Tool

21 Dec 2016

Written by

David Busoli, Principal

It is a legal requirement for every SMSF to maintain a written investment strategy. The fund auditor must view this document each year and determine that the investments of the fund have been made in accordance with it. A separate strategy is required if the fund is maintaining reserves and a risk management statement is required if the fund is investing in derivatives. The strategy must be reviewed on a regular basis – at least yearly.

If the fund is holding collectables acquired after 30th June 2011 it will also require a storage document to avoid incurring a $1,700 penalty. This document is included if appropriate.

The purpose of the investment strategy is to ensure that trustees give due consideration to their investment activities, particularly in regards to risk, and to provide a plan aimed at satisfying fund objectives.

This free investment strategy tool is provided exclusively to our alliance partners. It is designed to enhance their business success by providing up to four fully customisable documents designed to satisfy SIS and audit requirements. It is suitable for a pooled investment strategy with some investment segregation. It also caters for reserving (including contribution reserves), derivatives, limited recourse borrowing, life insurance and collectables.

The tool provides appropriate wordings to frame the investment strategy that has already been decided upon. It is in addition to, not in replacement of, any adviser statement of advice. It is provided in Word format so that it can be altered at the adviser’s complete discretion.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for the resultant investment strategy document and make no warranties as to its appropriateness to any particular fund.

You have 28 days from commencement to complete this document. On submission you will be emailed a link to up to four Word documents for alteration as you see fit. Please give us feedback on what you like about the tool and what you’d like changed or added.

Only registered Alliance Partners will have access. If you find that you do not have the necessary permissions please contact us on 1300 809 933 or at

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