New Service Option to Increase Adviser Efficiency

4 Jun 2020

Written by

David Busoli, Principal

The introduction of our new portal gives us the ability to offer advisers an additional, no cost, service enhancement.

Under our standard wholesale service, we receive little to no contact from the adviser’s trustee clients and vice versa. The adviser’s office is the central point for all communications. We have no problems with this and know that many advisers would have it no other way.

Some advisers, however, would prefer to have less involvement in this process particularly for

  • very fee sensitive clients
  • self-directed investment clients requiring primarily strategy and structural advice
  • clients whose investments have a large component of non-data fed investments such as real estate

We already provide significant structural assistance via our unique SMSF Toolbox, incorporating our fund analysis tools and technical support. Advisers now have the additional option to reduce their workload further by allowing trustees the ability to tag documents to unmatched items or satisfy other general requirements directly via the portal. If the adviser chooses, trustees may also access a full suite of online SMSF reports and their fund document files. The adviser retains both visibility and control over all contact.

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