Who Must Sign the SMSF Returns?

23 Sep 2021

Written by

David Busoli, Principal

With effect from 1 July 2021, the signatory requirements on accounts and statements for any SMSFs [SIS s.35B(3)(a) and (b)] are:

  • if the SMSF has a corporate trustee:
    • if the corporate trustee has 1 or 2 directors: each director must sign, otherwise
    • at least half the directors must sign,
  • if the SMSF has individual trustees:
    • if there are only 2 trustees: both the trustees must sign, otherwise
    • at least half the trustees must sign

So, essentially, where there are 2 trustee/directors both must sign the accounts but, where there 3 or 4, only 2 need to sign. Where there are 5 or 6, at least 3 need to sign.

Remember that fund accounts can be signed electronically so collecting multiple signatories can be swift if the trustees have embraced the necessary technology.

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