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12 Jul 2021

Written by

David Busoli, Principal

It’s a big claim but it’s true. Our second generation Investment Strategy Tool has just been released. It still features the useful features of the previous version which caters for:

  • pensions, life insurance, LRBAs, large lumpy assets
  • reserves (includes a reserves investment strategy as legislation requires)
  • collectables (includes a storage statement as legislation requires)
  • derivatives (includes a derivative risk statement as legislation requires)
  • cryptocurrencies (Includes a crypto risk statement that is not a legislative requirement but will probably become so at some stage. It’s useful in any case)

All presented in Microsoft Word for further customisation if you wish.

In line with more stringent audit requirements we have added:

  • more prompts and a broader selection of templated response choices
  • Unlisted companies and trusts including look through provisions into their underlying assets
  • An expanded “Other” section for assets that don’t fit the standard asset sectors including those that are contained within an unlisted company/trust such as a business
  • Private loans
  • Expanded custom wording around selected sector characteristics and heavy benchmark allocations to particular asset sectors or particular assets.

By accessing the data contained within an SOA, this tool allows advisers to complete an audit compliant Investment Strategy in minutes.

Though this is the most advanced Investment Strategy suite we have produced it is being further enhanced, firstly with a few additional items that will be introduced over the next two months followed by the release of a significant companion tool later in the year – we’ll tell you more about that later.

The tool is free but only available to our Alliance Partners. If you’d like to discuss how you might become an Alliance Partner, please contact me, David Busoli, on 0499 778 584.

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