Last Minute SMSF Solutions

29 Jun 2021

Written by

David Busoli, Principal

Hopefully your clients have not left their contributions and pension payments to the last minute but, if they have, SMSFs do have a unique way of helping.

A contribution can be made by supplying the fund trustees with a promissory note, or cheque, dated no later than 30th June and cashed in the first week of July. A promissory note, in particular, can be useful to back a bank transfer that might miss the 30 June deadline.

Contributions may also be made in specie by supplying the fund with fully completed transfer documents no later than 30 June. Be careful with this one as a transfer from an entity, other than the member or spouse, will be a concessional contribution by default.

Pensions may also be paid by the fund issuing a promissory note to the member dated no later than 30 June. To be acceptable, the fund will need to have sufficient cash to cover it on issue and it must be cashed promptly.

In specie payments to members must be avoided for pension purposes as these are lump sum drawdowns by default so do not count as pensions.

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